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The Limowood project presents a solution for bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturing by developing a novel material will provide extended resistance to moisture and fungi. This novel material will be produced at a competitive price, having a good finish and eliminating the need for the application of treatments that release VOCs. As result the Limowood solution could be able to displace imports from outside Europe with higher quality products.


Seven European partners are participating in the LIMOWOOD research project.

A group of SMEs ( JAVAL S.L, Holwerk Baur, Beologic and Andre Bondet) who provides the initial supply chain and leads the Consortium and the research will be undertaken by the RTDs (Instituto Tecnólogico de Aragón, Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute and Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia). These partners have been specifically brought together to provide the necessary blend of skills and expertise and with the common focused aim of developing an innovative a solution for bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturing by developing a novel material.


Calleja Vieja I, 0 S/N
26006 Logroño,. Spain
Phone: +0034 941 21 16 44

Contact: Oscar Valdemoros This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Business activities: Nowadays, Javal works to offer a wide range of services in structural and decorative woodwork as well as equipment of public and private buildings. Quality, research and continuous development in the productive systems and the search for new materials, steer Javal to become a leading firm in its sector with activities ranging from non-residential constructions to the rehabilitation of old structures in Spain and France. With more than 50 years’ experience in the activities of design, manufacturing and installation of all sort of furniture, decorative and structural wood, has allowed them to offer innovative and practical solutions. This has led Javal to participate in several impressive timber buildings, working with the most prominent architects and designers, such as Norman Foster, Frank Gehry (Ciudad del Vino) or Santiago Calatrava (Bodegas Ysios).

Beologic nv

Jolainstraat 44
8554 Sint-Denijs (Zwevegem)
Tel +32 56 73 53 25
Fax +32 56 73 53 20
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://www.beologic.com

Contact: Alexander Beyls

Business activities: Since founding in 2000 as a strictly technologically focused company, Beologic is solely orientated in Wood Plastic Polymers. Over the years, due to development and service-focused policy, Beologic faced a significant growth, together with their customers. Today we are technology leaders in supplying advanced top quality WPC-compounds and tailor-made material solutions for our partners. We supply ready-to-use compounds in granules with several quality and sustainability labels. Since 2009 Beologic offers an extensive customer support supplying know-how in R&D, tooling, processing, product development and tool refurbishment. Beologic has now a capacity of 20,000 metric tons a year with the chance to increase the output dramatically in the coming years. 70% of the WPC production is PVC based. The rest splits between PP, PE and others. Beologic provides rheological datasheets for their standard formulations. Beologic is spending main part of its endeavour to continuously bringing forward formulations by inserting additives and ease processing.

Holzwerk Baur GmbH

Poststraße 46
D-88489 Wain GERMANY
Phone +49 7353 9807-0
Fax +49 7353 9807-20
eMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web: http://www.holzwerk-baur.de

Contact.: Frederik Baur

Business activities: Holzwerk Baur is a family owned small company with long experience in woodworking since Bartholomaus Baur started his carpentry business around 1900. They produce mainly for the export lumber for packaging and construction. Currently 50 employees handle around 150,000 solid measures of round timbers every year with a large drying capacity and flexibility in planning lumber. They also produce pressure treated lumber for garden wood within production facilities on 250,000 square meters of industrial estate. Different processes are performed in-hose from debarking through to the finished product, working with the most advanced machines in the branch, to satisfy customers’ specific requirements. Products are supplied within Germany and exported to Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, Hungary and other European markets. Baur has created a production a production cycle, which guarantees optimum and practically total use of each trunk. The profiling line works the round timbers to a clean square at a through speed of 45 m/min, and the squares are then cut into boards and frames by up to 10 saw blades. The successive sorting system sorts our principal goods and secondary goods, and allocates the correct story to each product. This advanced technology guarantees a high standard of quality in spite of the high output rate, together with flexibility and reliability for our customers.

Société André Bondet S.A.

14 rue de la Bienne - ZI Le Lioux
01590 DORTAN (France)
Tél. +33 (0)4 74 77 79 55
Fax +33 (0)4 74 77 76 23
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site : www.andrebondet.com

Contact : Stéphane Tribouley

Bussiness Activities: Societè Andre Bondet (SAB) was founded in 1956 by Mr. Andre Bondet precursor within the sectors of extrusion and injection of thermoplastics. In SAB, they develop and create a wide variety of plastic profiles made to measure in medium to large series of production. Moreover, they are able to work with every type of material: wood composite, rigid and soft PVC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PP, PA, PC, EVA, PS with or without fillers. SAB excels in different transformation techniques such as co-extrusion, post-coextrusion, simple pipe extrusion as well as other treatments including coating, adhesive application, impression by ink jet and laser. Andre Bondet counts with a wide range of services to provide assistance in the development of new projects: analysis of loads book, plans performance (DAO, CAO), fabrication of tooling, maintenance and modifications, standard of quality ISO 9001:2008, development of tooling and constant improvement of production equipment, logistics service.

Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia S.L.

C/ Estrada 10B, 5 planta
28034 Madrid Spain.
Phone: +34 914170457
Fax : +34 91 556 34 15
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site : www.inspiralia.com

Contact: Miguel Herrero

Research activities: Tecnologias Avanzadas Inspiralia (INSP), with sites in Madrid and La Rioja, is the main research branch of a not-for profit pan-European network of six research intitutes. INSP provide companies with the necessary resources to develop leading edge technology solutions and products in the areas of Advanced Materials, Computational Engineering, Electronics and communications, Industrial control, and Intelligent Systems. In the area of Advanced Materials, INSP has long-track experience and ability to develop innovative high added value polymer-based materials for applications such as food packaging, tissue regeneration, construction and furniture protective coatings, biological and chemical sensors. Their experience is supported by the access to more than 500 scientists and engineers as well as successful participation and management in more than 200 national and international collaborative R&D projects over the last decade.

Fraunhofer-Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut

Bienroder Weg 54E
38108 Braunschweig, Germany.
Phone: +49 5312155-0
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Site : www.wki.fraunhofer.de

Contact: Arne Schirp

Research activities: The Fraunhofer Society, Germany, with its Institute for Wood Research – Wilhelm-Klauditz- Institute (WKI) – carries out applied research work for the industry, national government and international organizations and is involved in various EU research projects. Research activities of WKI are focused on the development of novel processes, technologies, and materials from renewable resources such as wood and other lignocelluloses for wood-based panels and composites. WKI also develops coatings and adhesives based on renewable resources and perform studies on the effects of materials and products on indoor air quality. WKI is a member of various national and international consortia and plays a leading role in the InnovaWood initiative that serves the forest and wood processing industries. Fraunhofer is Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. At present, Fraunhofer maintains more than 80 research units, including 60 Fraunhofer Institutes, at different locations in Germany. The majority of the 18.000 staff is qualified scientists and engineers who work with an annual research budget of €1.65 billion, of which more than €1 billion is generated through contract research. Two thirds of Fraunhofer’s contract research revenue is derived from contracts with industry and from publicly financed research projects. Affiliated research centres and representative offices in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia provide contact with the regions of greatest importance to present and future scientific progress and economic development.

Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón

María de Luna, 7-8
50018 Zaragoza, Spain.
Phone: 976 010 000
Fax: 976 011 888 - 976 011 889
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact: Mariana Castrillón García

Research activities: The Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (Aragon Institute of Technology) is a public non-profit research centre that was established in 1984 by the Regional Government of Aragon in order to promote a more effective use of the economic resources of the region by means of research, development and innovation. One of its main aims is to offer technology services to industry for the development of new products and processes. ITA employs 196 people, 128 in the Research, Development and Technological Services Area, with over 200 different client companies per year in RTD activities, and more than 1000 clients if technological services such as material testing or metrology are included. ITA counts with advanced expertise on joining technologies and surface engineering, advanced materials development (focused on fibre reinforced composites) and advanced characterization and modelling of functional behaviour, life prediction and failure modes for materials under working conditions.