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The Limowood project presents a solution for bathroom and kitchen furniture manufacturing by developing a novel material will provide extended resistance to moisture and fungi. This novel material will be produced at a competitive price, having a good finish and eliminating the need for the application of treatments that release VOCs. As result the Limowood solution could be able to displace imports from outside Europe with higher quality products.

LIMOWOOD solution will develop a Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) made of a recycled thermoplastic polymer and natural reinforcing particles derived from wood. The resulting material will represent a number of advantages:

  • Higher mechanical resistance.
  • Improved resistance to moisture and fungal decay by 35% making durable bathroom furniture
  • Cost-competitive material.
  • Fully recyclable: wood-based panels are prepared by the use of adhesives inform of thermoset resins which avoid the process of recycling into new materials.
  • Total avoidance of surface coatings or adhesives releasing no VOCs.
  • Good aesthetic finish resembling natural wood.

LIMOWOOD will enter the market by filling the gap between high-standing products made of pure solid wood that have high price and require the use of coatings but have good mechanical resistance and the best finish, and low-standing products with very affordable prices (but reduced mechanical properties, durability and resistance to moisture.

The developments presented in this project will enable the participating SMEs to become more competitive in the bathroom furniture sector and be able to face current economic, technological, environmental and legislative threats.

At European level, LIMOWOOD will contribute to the reduction of imports from outside Europe, reduction of VOCs emissions, reduction of wood waste, and creation of new jobs in the industry and social security savings from work-related diseases.